Aeries Student and Parent Portal

The Aeries Student and Parent Portal is a service through which students and parents/guardians can access live student records, such as attendance and final grades, and for parents/guardians to complete the annual registration process online.

How do I access the Aeries Portal?

Aeries Parent Portal

Aeries Student Portal

Student and parent/guardian Aeries Portal accounts require an email address. Once your email address is entered into Aeries, either by your school or through the registration process, you will receive an email with your username and password.

How can I complete the Annual Registration process in the Aeries Portal?

Please see the Annual Registration section on our Enrollment, Registration, and Transfers page for more information.

What can I do in the Aeries Portal?

The Aeries Portal provides a way to view student records online, and for parents/guardians to update certain records online. The Portal has a navigation bar with links to the various parts of the Portal:

  • Student Info
    • Profile – Summary of general student information, including current year attendance and secondary school graduation/promotion status
    • Demographics – Detailed general student information
    • Contacts – Parents/guardians, relatives and other emergency contacts
    • Data Confirmation – Allows updates to student information on file, and allows completion of the annual registration process online
    • Classes – Class schedule for the current school year (secondary schools only)
    • Authorizations – Authorizations for certain activities (e.g., use of Google Apps under age 13)
    • Siblings – Other related students enrolled in the District
  • Attendance
    • Attendance – Attendance records, such as absences and tardies, for the current school year
  • Grades
    • Grades – Report card grades
    • Graduation Status – Progress towards secondary school graduation/promotion
    • Transcripts – Final grades
  • Medical
    • Medical History – Medical alerts and concerns of which the school should be aware

Where can I get help?

If you need help accessing the Portal:

  • Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section below.
  • Call the District Educational Technology Services Department at (805) 696-2700.

If you have questions about student records that you see online, please contact your school.

Frequently Asked Questions