S A N   M A R C O S   H I G H   S C H O O L
Teacher Education

Industry Sector: Education, Child Development and Family Services


Pathway Description

  • Designed to allow students the opportunity to experience courses that focus on paths related to Early Childhood Development and the overall Education field.
  • Using various instructional techniques, to better shape their focus of the contemporary inclusive classroom setting





Skills Acquired

  • Knowledge of the different career opportunities there are within the education industry.
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Professional communication skills
  • Knowledge of fundamental education law, including IDEA and Special Education accommodation
  • Developing a lesson plan

Work Based Learning Activities

  • Students have opportunity to gain field experience by working with a mentor teacher at a local school
  • Work with a local non-profit in some education format
  • Work position that is in alignment with a classroom instruction model. Topics will vary depending on grade level and current topics and issues in education and classroom placement.
  • Students will use field experience to help shape their educational philosophy about contemporary education

Student Leadership Group

Our student leadership group, San Marcos Future Teachers, is given the chance to:

  • travel to view other educational programs
  • work in a classroom
  • visit local colleges to decide what is right for their future.

Each one of these events contributes a new perspective of their understanding, goal-orientation, and passion to what being a driven, valued teacher is all about.





Teacher Education Courses

Course Catalog

Course Title and Description Type of Course UC a-g Dual Enrollment 
Child Development Introductory g


Child Development Advanced Concentrator g  
Introduction to Education (SBCC EDUC 101, SBCC EDUC 104, SBCC EDUC 291) Capstone g


Teacher Education Instructor

Mr. Michael Thrasher


Special Thanks

The Education Program would like to thank all of the host teachers, host schools, and student alumni for their continued support of the Pathway, Additionally, we would not be where we are today without the support of our Advisory Team and the local colleges and universities, especially Westmont College and UCSB and SBCC for their continued to support of making our Teacher Education Pathway as meaningful and as powerful for students.