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Culinary Arts

Industry Sector: Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation


Pathway Description

Who are We? Work-Based Learning! Our Cafe Royale Culinary Arts Management Program teaches students the foundation skills needed for a career in the hospitality industry. Students utilize the two year ProStart curriculum from the National Restaurant Association. This curriculum includes classroom study. culinary lab work, mentored work experiences, and hands-on work experience through our on site coffee cafe.


Sourdough Demo Lesson Culinary ARts Brochure


Skills Acquired

  • Customer service skills

  • ServSafe Manager Certification

  • OSHA Teen Safety Certification

  • ServSafe Allergen Certification

Work Based Learning Activities

Students work with industry professionals throughout Santa Barbara in the field of catering with Pascale Beale, baking with Chef Don Hardin at Recipes Bakery. Students also participate in trips to the kitchens of cruise-ships, and the ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour of Disneyland kitchens. ​​​​​​​

Student Leadership Group

FCCLA Region 7, Lead4Change



Marc M:
When I applied at Starbucks having my ServSafe Manager’s Certification impressed my interviewer and when I told her I had worked in a commercial kitchen, she told me I was her top choice.



Nicole D:
I thoroughly enjoyed coming to your class everyday and learning more from you about cooking, hospitality, and life lessons that have made such a great impact on me.



Isabel M:
I feel confident that I can take the skills that you taught me and apply them to my future. I loved the environment that you created in your class and I appreciate the way you always pushed me to be a better student. Thank you for all the opportunities you gave me to gain experience in the food business. I really enjoyed all the catering events we went to..

Culinary Arts Courses

Course Catalog

Course Title and Description Type of Course UC a-g Dual Enrollment 
Culinary Arts 1  Introductory 



Culinary Arts 2   Concentrator


Catering and Advanced Foods  Capstone



Culinary Arts Instructor

Donna Barker


Industry Partnerships

Organic Soup Kitchen

Panda Express

Royal Pride Foundation

Santa Barbara Education Foundation

Girls Inc.