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Sports Medicine

Industry Sector: Health Science and Medical Technology


Pathway Description

The Sports Medicine Pathways intent is to build upon student interests by expanding their knowledge and their skill set to excel in the post high school course work necessary for their career goals in a health care profession. The Sports Medicine Pathway will introduce you to science courses and hands on skills that will help prepare you to become a future health care professional. The Sports Medicine Pathway is unique because it's a “pathway” in which you can find the best fit for you regarding course offerings.


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Skills Acquired

Regarding your lab science coursework (medical chemistry and biology), we will build skills in reading, writing, speaking, modeling and problem solving, both individually and in collaborative groups, you will discover basic scientific concepts and utilize the language of science to understand our world. Certification Opportunities offered in the Capstone Course (Sports Medicine)

  • CPR/AED/First Aid
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training Certificate
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Training Certificate
  • CDC Heads Up to Youth Sports Online Concussion Training




Work Based Learning Activities

Sports Medicine Community classroom allows students to gain hands-on experience while working with athletes in the athletic training clinic on campus or a selected off campus site. Students use the skills and knowledge that they acquired in class, such as taping and first aid, and perform the skills daily on the SBHS athletes!



Sports Medicine Courses

Video Overview
of Courses

Course Title and Description Type of Course UC a-g Dual Enrollment 
(Medical) Health Introductory



Medical Chemistry Introductory


Medical Biology Introductory



Kinesiology Completer


Sports Medicine Completer g  
Sports Medicine Community Classroom Concentrator g  

Sports Medicine Instructors

Maria Rivera

Hi my name is Maria Rivera and I am a Santa Barbara High School Alumni! I worked for 8 years in sports medicine before I became a high school teacher. I teach Kinesiology and Sports Medicine at Santa Barbara High School in the Sports Medicine Pathway program. It feels great to be a Don again and I enjoy leading students to think critically about different relevant topics related to health. The best part about Sports Medicine is teaching the hands on skills like taping, first aid, emergency and life saving skills that the students can use in the future.

(805) 966-9101 x 5401

Lauren Galvin

I’ve been teaching for 7 years here at Santa Barbara High. I have a Bachelors of Science and a Masters in Education. I love working with students, specifically helping them learn how to learn. I am passionate about science and helping young people find their way towards a path.

Ashley Cornelius

I have been teaching in the Santa Barbara School District for 16 years, the last 11 years have been teaching science at Santa Barbara High School. I have a BS in Physiology from UCSB, and I love working with students who are also interested in the human body. With the students I learn something new about how amazing our body is every year.

(805) 966-9101 x 5217

Greg Zuffelato

I have been teaching for 15 years. The courses I’ve taught are chemistry, biology, physics, and health. I’m very passionate about all topics of health and strive to help students make wise choices about their health that will have a much bigger impact on their lives in the future. My goal is to have them feel empowered and to make changes in their life for their well-being now and well into their adulthood.The most enjoyable aspect of teaching health is when the students come to the realization that they are in control of their well-being.

(805) 966-9101 x 5087



“Some of the best memories from being a student trainer in the Sports Medicine Pathway were the


road trips to football games and prepping our fanny packs and the vans for the ride, as well as getting to learn taping jobs in multiple ways.

and most importantly creating the bond with the other student trainers.” 
-Pilar Renteria ‘20

"One of my favorite things about being in the program is that we do a lot of team projects and it has taught me how to work better in groups . And, I’ve learned many things about the human body that I didn’t know about."
-Diana Chavez ‘21

"The hands-on skills or labs that I enjoyed participating in were in medical bio. We got to learn about sickle cells and see what they look like."
-Malia Hammonds ‘21

"My favorite things about being in the program are all of the things that we get to learn that are helpful for the real world and all of the injuries that we get to learn about."
-Brooke Harris ‘22

"We learn about so many things in-depth. It also gives us the tools to be able to save someone's life which makes you feel very empowered. I love being able to walk around knowing that I know how to do so many things that I have learned in class." 
-Heidi Hatton ‘22

"The hands on skills or labs that I enjoyed participating in were learning how to perform and actually performing CPR on a mannequin, creating muscles with clay, using big poster paper to draw the heart and describe the blood flow."
-Brianna Lopez ‘21

"One of my favorite things about being in this program was getting to meet workers in the Sports Medicine field and hear their stories of what interested them in their careers."
-Denise Parra

"The hands-on lab that I enjoyed the most was in medical biology, when we dissected a pigs heart."
-Mario Pasini

"The most valuable thing that I learned was how to do CPR because that can really save a person's life. Also just learning all about the body and different muscles, bones, and ligaments are super crucial to understanding how the body all works together."
-Emma Zuffelato, '22



"As a parent I was pleased to see the students connect what they’ve been learning in their classroom to what is next in Physical Therapy in terms of collegiate and industry applications. They interacted with new products used in the field, best practices in Physical Therapy, and had fun throughout the day while seeing the larger picture and the industry as a whole.”
-Mike Tognotti (Parent, Annual High School Sports Medicine Seminar Chaperone)