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Pathway Description

The DPMedia program is an opportunity for all students to experience media from graphics to broadcast, from design to photography and is open to all students.

Most of our programs offer Dual Enrollment credit with Santa Barbara City College. This credit is offered completely free, as long as the student passes the class offered and registers during the window provided by the teacher.

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Skills Acquired

  • Earn Adobe Creative Suite Certifications

  • Use a Teleprompter

  • Develop, film, and broadcast a TV program

  • Students experience hands-on work-based learning every day in class.  

  • Daily live broadcasts are written, created, filmed, streamed, directed, produced by a team of students each morning.  

  • Yearbook students create a world class publication that has earned national recognition from Columbia University, National Scholastic Press Association, Journalism Education Association, Quill and Scroll and more. 

  • Students manage the marketing, sales, budget planning, customer relations and all business aspects of the $100k program.  

  • Students in graphics and animation create products for the school community and beyond, winning local and regional awards.  

  • Students have the opportunity to stream live sports and other events to the world and gain the first hand experience of producing and managing a live viewership including sports, Greek activities, theater events, graduation and more.  

  • Photography students create portfolios and have their work shown locally and nationally and some are commissioned by the community. 

  • Digital Art students work independently and collaboratively throughout the course on a variety of assignments ranging from digital paintings, to creating product packages from scratch (designing a brand, the logo, specific products, a paper advertisement, and a presentation).







Student Leadership Group

Students in this pathway have opportunities to be leaders in their program.  These students attend leadership training, planning and organizing and play a key role in managing and leading the publications and video programs.  Decision making, relationship management, team bonding, communication and more are a direct result of this group of leaders.  Students demonstrate their interest in being a leader by actively participating in all of the opportunities provided and then apply to be a part of the team.  Students are then interviewed and chosen to be an editor or producer.

Course Title and Description Type of Course UC a-g Dual Enrollment 
Media Arts & Technology (MAT 105)




Video Production I P (FP114/FP175) Concentrator


Digital Art & Design (MAT131/MAT112) Concentrator



Publication Design I (Yearbook) Concentrator


Graphics & Animation (MAT149/MAT136)







Digital Art & Design Advanced












































DP Media Instructors

John Dent

Video Production/DPNews, Publication Design/Yearbook, Photography

I am in my 18th year here at the best school on the central coast.  I started the DPNews broadcast with Dan Yokubaitis in 2004 and it has grown to a program with live daily broadcasts, sports and live event streaming, where all students have an opportunity to gain valuable skills and experiences.  In 2009 I added Yearbook to my repertoire, and have built a nationally recognized and celebrated publication.


Samantha Limkeman

Digital Art, Digital Art Advanced

I am in my 6th year teaching at Dos Pueblos. I have loved teaching students how to use Photoshop and Illustrator both as artists and showing them how they can use their artistic talents in a real-world industry career! My students leave my classes feeling equipped to go into a variety of career pathways (graphic design, digital illustration, marketing and design, etc.).


Doug Caines


Jacqueline Kelemen