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Culinary Arts

Industry Sector: Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation


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Pathway Description

The Culinary Arts at Dos Pueblos High School offers students the opportunity to explore careers and skills in Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation. This pathway is unique because students get hands-on experience in the field. I am excited about what we do in Culinary Arts because students are able to explore many aspects of cooking while completing the Pathway. Our classroom space is set up so that students learn in an environment that is comparable to a commercial kitchen. My classroom has most major equipment that is found in a commercial kitchen. Students create many dishes including salads, vegetables, entrees, soups, baked goods and desserts. I love to see students succeed and gain self confidence through cooking.


Demo Lesson

Work Based Learning Activities

  • Career Day (guest speakers)
  • Chef demos Guest speakers for Restaurant Management, Labor Unions,
  • Human Resources & Health Dept.
  • Field Trip: Behind the Scenes at Disneyland.





My favorite thing had to be the Final Exam where Chef Terri based it around the show “Chopped”. It was a fun experience and we had no bounds about what to make with our ingredients.



I really enjoy Culinary class. I got to meet new people and learn many new techniques in baking and cooking. Chef Terri is very supportive and such an amazing teacher.


Skills Acquired

  • Culinary 1
    • Safety & Sanitation
    • Knife Skills
    • Sauces and Cooking Methods
    • ServSafe Food Handler’s Certification
    • Baking
  • Culinary 2
    • Cake Decorating
    • Restaurant Management
    • Advanced Baking & Pastries
    • ServSafe Food Manager’s Certification
Students will learn these skills through lessons, hands-on experiences, and projects such as:
  • Holidays Around the World:Students research holidays in a country of their choice and make a presentation. During the three weeks before Winter Break students create holiday meals from different countries and open the Charger Inn for lunch, serving the teachers.
  • Charger Inn Challenge: The CA 1 final, students are divided into groups and each group receives a bag of “mystery ingredients” and are directed to create either an entree, veggie entree, appetizer, soup or dessert. The creations are showcased at lunch for teachers who taste and vote.
  • Open a Cafe for a Day: CA 2 final where students start a cafe with a theme, menu, service and food cost. It is full service and teachers can make a reservation to come. After the meal teachers fill out a survey as part of the gradel .
  • SpEd Cafe: All students who qualify can join the Seminar Class to work with students with disabilities to run a speciality coffee house for the teachers.
  • Certifications: Food Safety Handler and Food Safety Manager certifications through Efoodhandlers

Culinary Arts Courses

Course Catalog

There are currently 2 courses in the Culinary Arts Pathway. Students who are able to complete all of the courses in our pathway with a grade of C- or higher, and who participate in 300 or more hours of instruction in our pathway are able to earn ‘CTE Completer’ Status when they graduate. Being a CTE Completer is another way for students to demonstrate that they are college and career ready on the California Dashboard. Students must take courses in sequence in order to be awarded ‘CTE Completer’ Status, since the skills they learn in their introductory or concentrator classes build to their capstone class experience.  Courses in the Culinary Arts Pathway  include:

Course Title and Description Type of Course UC a-g Dual Enrollment 
Culinary Arts 1 Concentrator



Culinary Arts 2 Capstone



Culinary Arts Instructor

Terri Ingram

I have been teaching at DP for 9 years. I enjoy sharing my love of food with my students. I love to see students succeed and grow in confidence through cooking.



I would like to thank the following people for partnering with my Culinary Arts Classes: 
  • Lacey Baldiviez - Food Bank of Santa Barbara
  • Matthew Dittman - Director of Food Services SBUSD
  • Mr. Peterson & Mr. Fraker - McDonalds
  • Melissa Fitch - Parent​​​​​​​