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Construction Technology

Industry Sector: Building and Construction Trades


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Pathway Description

What makes this pathway unique is the hands-on nature of the learning experience--everything is practical and directly applicable to future projects or the job field. This learning happens over the course of our classes through a variety of projects, which are scaffolded from beginner to advanced. 

We utilize individual and group projects, depending on what  the students are learning and what skills they need to demonstrate. I think a variety of work environments, projects, and material options provides the greatest amount of flexibility to the pathway and our students. 

What I love most about being a construction technology teacher is watching the light turn on for students, seeing their confidence grow exponentially, and the satisfaction on their faces when they finish a project they are proud of. It’s so cool! The confidence they feel in my class carries over to other aspects of the skilled trades and beyond as well. I love my job and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to impact students' lives for the better.


Demo Lesson Plan

Skills Acquired

Students acquire knowledge and skills in a sequential, standards-based pathway program that integrates hands-on, project-based, and work-based instruction. Curriculum standards included in this sector are designed to prepare students for technical training, postsecondary education, and entry to a career. 

Specifically, students in our beginning classes will learn how to:

  • Use the tools, equipment, and specialty materials safely

  • Fabricate beginner, intermediate, and advanced carpentry and woodworking projects

  • Work efficiently and effectively as an individual or in a group setting

  • Evaluate their projects, problem-solve and fix their mistakes as a critical thinker

  • Demonstrate leadership skills by helping one another out & passing along their knowledge & skills

Specifically, students in our advanced classes will focus on the skills of:

  • Gaining an in-depth experience in artistic perception, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing, creative expression and connections, relationships and applications 

This experience will be demonstrated through the students visual and creative expression of wood design furnishings, turning objects on the lathe, creating musical instruments, and other artistic objects.  Various forms and materials will be used in the class, which include diverse wood species, reclaimed materials and techniques, and restoration. Students will study and analyze various cultural and historical art forms and articulate comprehension through the creation of personal and public art. Students will create original works of art demonstrating mastery in art forms, which reflect their feelings, beliefs and points of view.

Work Based Learning Activities

Our primary work-based learning activity is our Tiny Home project that is completed on a two-year cycle. Students gain first hand knowledge in skills like framing, electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing, installing windows and doors, and cabinetry. 

We also work with other city or community groups to complete projects for them. For example, a few years ago our community lived through the Thomas Fire and the flooding that ravaged our community. As a result, our pathway partnered with the Montecito Trail Foundation to replace the hiking trail signs that were either burned or washed away. Students worked in small groups to get this project done in a timely manner. My student Magnus wrote the CNC program for cutting and engraving new signs and I had two girls in our program, Maleah and Natasha, that were very creative and wanted to paint them. This project brought our program and community together in a time of need.




Nenna Tynes, Junior: My favorite part about woodshop is being able to create something or think of something in your mind and put it into a project and take it home and make people smile. And the most important thing that I've learned during my time in woodshop is probably that


Hard work does pay off and if you put your mind to something that you want to do, it'll turn out great.



Student Leadership Group

Goodland Woodworking Crew

  • We participate in regular community service opportunities, like creating new trail signs for the Montecito Trail Foundation, building a tiny home for a non-profit like Hope Refuge, or serving our local high school sports programs by creating weightlifting benches. We also put on several woodworking camps for all students between 5-12 grade during the summer months. My leaders act as the camp counselors, training, mentoring and monitoring the work that goes on each day. Lastly, we will enter our woodshop creations in the AWFS national conference in Las Vegas that is held every two years. 
  • This group will benefit students by giving them a place to express their creativity, learn new hands-on skills, and build relationships--all while having fun and serving others in need in our community. It will increase the exposure to the work that we are doing.



Construction Technology Courses

Course Catalog

Course Title and Description Type of Course UC a-g Dual Enrollment 
Construction Technology 1 (CT 114) Concentrator



CAD Drafting & Design Concentrator


Fine Woodworking Concentrator



Construction Technology 2 (CT 115) Capstone



Construction Technology Instructors

Chris Mollkoy

I have been teaching at DP for 9 years. I am the first person in my family to graduate from college. It was not easy but I am thankful for the opportunities that were given to me. I grew up with four learning challenges as a boy, which included having ADD, ADHD, visual dyslexia and auditory dyslexia. Despite struggling academically, I had a teacher and coach that changed the course my life would take. My high school wrestling coach, Dick Werschke was also a Calculus teacher. He is a second father to me. I saw the effort and love that he put into his teaching and coaching and was inspired to follow in his footsteps. I was an average student in high school but I excelled in sports. Eventually, I earned an opportunity to wrestle in college at UC Davis. I had no idea what major to choose while in college, but I did know that I wanted to become a teacher and coach. Looking back, I feel like I had to work harder and longer than most of my peers, but I earned a BA in English and a Single Subject Teaching Credential in English. I was a high school wrestling coach and English teacher for 7 years before I burned out on grading papers.  I decided to take a year off and do construction for the summer and “give my brain a rest and just work with my hands”.  I was hooked right away, and decided to switch my career path at 30 years old. I began as a laborer and finished by obtaining my contractor’s license and starting my own finish carpentry company. I was coaching wrestling at a local high school and the principal knew that I was a former teacher. She asked me if I ever wanted to get back into teaching as a woodshop teacher. I applied the next day and have been teaching Construction Technology ever since. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but so much has changed with our pathway and how I teach my students. In 2018, I was awarded the Marvin Melvin Award, which is given to the Santa Barbara County Department of Education’s teacher of the year for CTE. In 2020, I won Harbor Freight’s Tools For School’s Prize for Teaching Excellence. The prize was a $50,000 cash award that was awarded to 18 of the top CTE teachers in the nation out of over 600 applicants.

I love my job and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to impact students' lives for the better. Everyday, I wake up excited for what the day will bring and how I can help students grow in their woodworking skills and mature as individuals.

(805) 968-2541 Ext. 4602


Michael Eckberg

This is my first year at DP and my first year teaching. All of my life I have been a maker. I come from a long line of artisans, machinists, mechanics and tradesmen. These are my idols. I am fascinated by how things work and often take stuff apart out of curiosity or to repair it. I’m a native Venturan where I live with my wife and three kids (Harmony, Lucy, 16; Frances, 12; and Elton, 6). I’ve carried my passion as a maker through 20 years in the public and private industries as a drafter. I worked for Yakima and Raypac before joining the City of Ventura’s Capital Improvement Department. Tech training in high school and junior college helped me start my career and now I have the opportunity to give back as a teacher. In my free time I enjoy hanging with my family, riding bikes, disc golf, cooking, fixing things, creating and exploring. Although the current situation is not ideal for my introduction to teaching, I look forward to sharing my technical experience and connections to show the job possibilities in the trades.


Our Sponsors


a non-profit focused on promoting career development and workplace preparation programs that allow students to learn skills and gain competency as they work toward their professional goals. They have supported us financially by purchasing wood, supplies and tools that are needed to run our shop effectively. 

Partners In Education

which is a non-profit that provides soft skills training, and paid student internships to assist disadvantaged youth in finding their own potential while working with local businesses in preparation for entering the workforce. Throughout the years, several students have taken advantage of PIE’s resources and secured work after their internships have ended. 

The Santa Barbara Contractors Association

is actively involved in both Tradart and Partners in Education, and supports the work we are doing by assisting in obtaining internships for students or facilitating speakers. 


Santa Barbara City College’s Construction Technology Program

which allows all the high school programs to teach Dual Enrollment classes and for students to get college credit towards a skilled trades certificate and future employment in that field. It has been a prosperous relationship, which has allowed my students to continue their education focus and reach their long term goals.

Buena Tool

Tom Good and the crew at Buena tool have been such a blessing to my program. He routinely discounts our purchases for the students, locates hard to find tools, and makes regular deliveries to each of the schools in our district. 

Channel City Lumber

They also donate wood and supplies, as well as deliver it to the high school.