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Teen Talk Middle School

Leiha Dulawan
Fact vs. Fiction Teen Talk
Fiction Fact
Doubt about which curriculum is being used for grades 7 & 8. The Board adopted Teen Talk Middle School for grades 7 & 8.
Parents have no choice if their children receive this instruction. Per the law, parents can Opt Out from the Teen Talk Middle School (TTMS) instruction for their child(ren).
Teen Talk Middle School is not medically accurate. TTMS has gone through multiple medical reviews including by doctors from the CA Office of Family Planning and LA County Public Health Department.
The curriculum includes videos showing people having sex. The curriculum does not include or reference videos or pictures showing people having sex.
The curriculum encourages students to have anal sex. TTMS lists anal sex as the #1 highest risk category for transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. It is not encouraged.
The curriculum does not value abstinence as a choice. Lesson 4 is called “Not Having Sex: Abstinence” and teaches students to identify at least 2 benefits of abstinence. Choosing not to have sex (abstinence) is reinforced throughout the curriculum as a choice at any time in one’s life.
SB Unified doesn’t care about our values as parents. They don’t listen to our concerns. SB Unified held 5 parent/community meetings on Teen Talk Middle School in January. Parents/community emailed, called, met in person, reviewed the curriculum in the district office, and/or addressed the Board in public comment: Feb. 11, Feb. 25, Sept. 8 and in other non-agendized comments.
Teen Talk MS is not available in Spanish. Every lesson is available in English and Spanish.

To learn more about Health Connected, the nonprofit organization that developed and publishes TTMS, go to www.health-connected.org.

PARENTS, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  Attend a Teen Talk Middle School Curriculum Information  Webinar for parents and trusted adults led by Health Connected, TTMS :  6:30-7:30 p.m., Monday, Oct. 26  (Spanish) and Wednesday, Oct. 28 (English).  Message approved by Health Connected