Tentative Agreements Reached with Teachers Union

Tentative Agreements Reached with Teachers Union
Ed Zuchelli

A tentative agreement between SB Unified and Santa Barbara Teachers Association was reached early Thursday morning after negotiating for over 18 hours during the Fact Finding session. Once ratified, the 3 year contract, which includes two years of salaries settled, will become effective July 1, 2024, and end on June 30, 2027.  

This new contract reflects our values to provide competitive wages for our hardworking teachers and keeping our budget fiscally sound while improving student achievement.

Agreements reached were as follows: 

In 2024-2025 an ongoing salary increase for all educators of 10%.
There will be increases to the incoming teacher salary with 13 years of service. 
The addition of a new step 23 with an increase of 4%. 

In 2025-2026 a 3% salary increase in July and 2% in January.
An increase to provide 14 years of incoming service credit for a maximum step 15. 
A contingency clause was included for an additional salary increase in case property taxes come in above 5% in 2024-2025.

Previously agreed to tentative agreements for health and welfare and class size reductions will also go into effect. 

Additional changes to hours and conditions include: 

An increase of 2 days to Early Education teachers, 
A change of calendar to 195 days for school psychologists and speech and language teachers while keeping the same salary, 
An additional 2 days to Special Education teachers.  

We are pleased with the work of the Fact-Finding Panel, SBTA leadership, and the District’s negotiations team. 

Our new agreements will allow both parties to move forward and collaborate to realize our motto- Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day. 

The tentative agreement must now be ratified by a vote of the bargaining members and approved by the Board.