Parents/Guardians Tech Information

This information is for SBUnified Parents/Guardians.

Aeries – Student Information System

Aeries holds student records for enrollment, attendance, classes, grades, etc. Parents/Guardians can access Aeries at any time to view their students’ records online, and incoming/continuing secondary students will use Aeries to select their courses for the upcoming school year. Once you have established your login (link coming soon) you can access Aeries. This page will provide you with more information about using Aeries.


Access NEO (our learning management system) to see your student’s classes, assignments, and grades. You only need one NEO account to access all of your students, no matter which schools they attend. Each school site has a person assigned to give you NEO help (NEO account or NEO questions).

This link will take you to NEO parent/guardian accounts FAQs.


Each student in grades 4th through 12th is issued a District-managed iPad, which they will keep for four years, including during school holidays. Upon registration for SBUnified, you and your student signed an iPad Use form regarding caring for your iPad (form coming soon).

For answers to other iPad questions, see our techEQUITY FAQ.

Lost iPads, Damaged iPads, or Stolen iPads

If your student’s iPad or case is damaged, lost, or stolen, be sure to have them submit a tech ticket immediately. Students may request tech support in two ways (known as submitting a “tech ticket”):

  • Use the support app on your district iPad
  • Send an email to from your District Google email account. Tech tickets cannot be sent from personal email accounts.

iPad Insurance

iPad insurance is available for purchase before September 15, 2019.

techEQUITY Partnership Program (TEPP)

Each student in grades 4th through 12th is issued a District-managed iPad, which they will keep for four years, including during school holidays. Families have the option of purchasing their iPad through the techEQUITY Partnership Program.

WiFi Access

Your student will have access to the Internet while on our school campuses. When they registered for SBUnified, they signed an Acceptable Use Policy.

Parents/Guardians may also access our Guest WiFi Network while on any of our campuses.


Common Sense Media (advice for parents/guardians regarding devices, social media, etc)

JAMF Parent app gives parents/guardians the ability to manage their student’s iPad while at home. (information coming soon)

Jamf Parent app allows parents to manage their student’s iPad while it is at home. The app is currently only available for iOS devices, however, Android and web versions are in development. The parent app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. Instructions for configuring and using the app can be found by clicking on the link below. Please be aware that the district has made this functionality available as a value added service and we are only able to provide the most basic technical support for the app.

Jamf Parent App Instructions