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Santa Barbara Unified is committed to ensuring that every student has access to technology to help meet their educational needs.  The information below is intended as a general guide for practices across SBUSD, but individual sites may operate a little differently.  When in doubt, please refer to the information and directions provided by your school.

1:1 Devices


Device Access


K-6 Elementary

1:1 Devices in carts on campus

Devices are checked out to students and are available and stored in classrooms. 

Students may take home devices when instructed to by a teacher.

7-8 Jr. High School

1:1 Take-Home Model

Devices are checked out to students at the beginning of the year for use at school and home. 

9-12 High School

1:1 Take-Home Model

Devices are checked out to students at the beginning of the year for use at school and home. 


Expectations of the 1:1 TechEQUITY Program

  • Elementary student iPads should be kept at school. On the occasions when iPads do go home, they should be returned the next school day for in-class learning.

  • Every Jr. High and High School student should bring their fully charged device to school each day.

  • Students needing to check out a loaner device should take proper care of it and return it at the end of the school day.

  • Students exiting the Santa Barbara Unified School District should return their devices before leaving.

  • The device is the property of SBUSD and must be returned at the end of the school year for grades TK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12.

  • You are responsible if the device or any SBUSD-provided accessories are lost, stolen, or improperly cared for. Students should report incidents immediately to the school administration.

  • The replacement cost of a lost, stolen, or damaged iPad is $424. A fee may be assessed in situations of negligence or malicious damage. 

iPad Care and Use

  • Remember to charge your device every night

  • Carry your device with both hands and don't run with it

  • Close the case before moving your iPad

  • Keep food and drinks away from your device. 

  • Use caution when putting your device in a backpack

    • Watch out for sharp or heavy objects in your bag that could put pressure on your iPad

    • Don't throw or drop your backpack if it has your iPad in it

    • Be careful sitting/leaning against your backpack if it has an iPad in it

  • If your device has a problem, report it to or use the Tech Support app on your iPad.

Refresh Plan

SBUSD techEQUITY Refresh Map

Returning Your Device

At the end of each school year, you may be wondering what to do with your device.  

K-6 grade students will leave their devices in their classroom charging carts. 7-11th grade students will take their devices home over the summer. 12th-grade students will turn in their devices as part of their senior check-out process. 

Devices for Summer School

For K-6th grade students, iPads needed for summer school will be sorted out by the teacher at the end of the school year and packaged to be sent to the hosting school. 7th-11th grade students will take their devices home with them on the last day of school and bring them with them to the first day of class. If a 12th-grade student requires summer school courses they will keep their iPad and bring it to the first day of summer classes. This exception will be marked as part of the checkout process.  

Content Filter

SBUSD uses a content filter to safeguard students as they navigate the web on and off campus. We strive to provide all of our students with safe, relevant, and appropriate content. Our safeguards filter for adult content, chatrooms, crime/terrorism, dating, drugs, gambling, social networking, tobacco/vaping, violence, and more. 

Support for Families

At Santa Barbara Unified, we’re committed to providing a learning experience that allows your child to grow and flourish with technology. We have partnered with Qustodio, a student safety and digital well-being platform. Qustodio will provide you with full visibility on how your child is using their school devices. 

Simply create your account to see your personalized dashboard.

Create your Qustodio Account



To learn more about Qustodio Parents App click here

Please note: Sign up following the link above on a web browser before you install the app on your mobile device. Be sure to use the same email address we have on file for you.

Families also have access to Jamf Parent. This app allows parents to decide which apps and websites students have access to outside of the school day. CLICK HERE for our Jamf Parent training guide.

Additionally, our parent hub at provides families with informational articles, advice, app reviews, and safety tips.