Educational Services

The Educational Services department is responsible for curriculum and instruction, content standards, child development preschool and after school programs, athletics, gifted and talented education program, home and hospital program, independent study and home school programs, student assessment, summer school, higher education collaboration, staff development, and vocation education.

Board Policies and Administrative Regulations – Students

Board Policies and Administrative Regulations – Instruction

Other Forms

Teachers on Special Assignment

(805) 963-4338 x6267

Hortencia Corral English Language Development TOSA
Rob Schiff AVID Coordinator
Dovas Zaunius ELA TOSA (805) 963-4338 x6267


Dr. Raul Ramirez Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education (805) 963-4338 x6210
Shawn Carey Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education (805) 963-4338 x6212
Alma Flores Administrative Assistant II (805) 963-4338 x6264
Sierra Loughridge Director of Elementary Education (805) 963-4338 x6273
Dr. Anne Roundy-Harter Director of Secondary Education (805) 963-4338 x6274
Dr. Chelsea Guillermo-Wann Director of Research and Evaluation (805) 963-4338 x6353
Maria Larios-Horton Director of English Learner and Parent Engagement (805) 963-4338 x6247
Dr. Patricia Madrigal Community of Schools Coordinator (805) 963-4338 x6217
Annette Makwana Secretary to Educational Services (805) 963-4338
Monica Perales Administrative Secretary II (805) 963-4338 X6232
Cindy Escobar Family Engagement Liaison (805) 963-4338 x6213
Leticia Lemus Assistant Office Coordinator, Community of Schools (805) 963-4338 x6227
Harriet Whaley Program Assistant (805) 963-4338 x6277
Sandy Robertson Secondary GATE Coordinator (805) 963-7751 x4061

Language Access Unit

Sofia Rubalcava Translator/Interpreter (805) 963-4338 x6285
Anelix Diaz-Quinones Translator/Interpreter (805) 963-4338 x6258
Martha Diaz Anaya Translator/Interpreter (805) 963-4338 x6390