Facilities and Operations

The Facilities and Operations department is responsible for facility planning, construction management, code compliance, labor compliance, maintenance/grounds, accessibility and paths of travel, joint use agreements, Civic Center use of sites, capital fund projects, integrated pest management, storm water management, and developer fees.

Board Policies and Administrative Regulations/ Resolutions –  Series 7000 Facilities

Developer Fees

Due to staffing difficulties, the following changes to the process for collecting Developer Fees will take effect immediately. All inquiries, and appointments for the hours below should be sent to Claudia De Leon at cdeleon@sbunified.org.

The new hours for in-person developer fee review and processing are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am-12:30pm., by appointment, in the SBUSD Planning Department, at 724 Santa Barbara Street. 

Please view the Residential Developer Fee Schedule here.

Bond Measures