Online Meal Application


The SB Unified School District and the Department of Food Service has released its annual, confidential meal application for the new school year.

You may choose between the Housing Questionnaire or the online Meal Application before school begins on August 20th.

For families who are entitled to the benefit of free meals and who live with other relatives or families out of economic necessity, the shorter Housing Questionnaire is recommended.

For our families who choose not to participate in the meal program or who already know they don’t qualify, click on the “meal application” and check the “I do not qualify for free or reduced meal benefits” box, add the names of your students, sign and submit your meal application”.

Everyone else will need to complete the online meal application.

In support of our district’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and best practices, this year the department will not be mailing paper meal applications and instead we have created this easy, on line method for submitting this important document.

We encourage all students to deposit money into their personal cafeteria accounts through which will ensure that serving lines are moving quickly and that students don’t need to handle money.