Santa Barbara Unified School District payroll department is responsible for monthly employee payroll, retirement reporting, absence tracking, deductions, and garnishment. The payroll department processes about 2,000 warrants monthly and over 2,600 W-2s annually.

The payroll team collects and processes sub cards, time reports, notices of employment, personnel action forms and sick leave notices for district employees, and maintains records pertaining to tax exemptions and deductions.

The payroll department is also responsible for the following:

  • Attaining the most current understanding of federal and state regulations and all bargaining unit contracts regarding payroll in order to provide and apply accurate information;
  • Processing payments and reports with accurate information to retirement systems: Public Employees Retirement System and State Teachers Retirement System;
  • Calculating and coordinating when an employee exhausts sick leave per Education Code Sections 44977 and 44983;
  • Ensuring that all deductions, benefits and taxes are correctly deducted and reported in a timely manner to the appropriate agency;
  • Monitoring correct sick leave and vacation balances;
  • Auditing accurate employee absence records;
  • Completing employment verification forms;
  • Federal and state tax payments and reporting;
  • Wage garnishments;
  • Direct deposit processing (ACH);
  • Processing and distribution of payroll warrants;
  • Affidavits/petitions for lost payroll and vendor warrants;

4O3 (b) and 457 (b) Plans


Anita Pulido Payroll Assistant (805) 963-4338 x6256
Rosa Buse Payroll Technician (805) 963-4338 x6293
Dolores Gutierrez Payroll Technician (805) 963-4338 x6229
Christie DeGiacomi Payroll Technician (805) 963-4338 x6270
Brandy Macias Payroll Retirement Specialist (805) 963-4338 x6204
Casey Clay Payroll Manager (805) 963-4338 x6268

Payroll Technician Site Assignments