Business Services

The Business Service department is responsible for budgets, contracts, employee negotiations, financial forecasting and analysis, fiscal operations, food services, internal audits, purchasing, real property acquisition, and risk management.

Assistant Superintendent
Kim Hernandez

Kim Hernandez has worked in the Santa Barbara Unified School District since 2021. Her love of the district began when she entered kindergarten at Adams school way back in the 70’s and didn’t end when she graduated from San Marcos High School. Her goal has always been to help kids, especially those who have challenges that make going to school difficult.

Prior to working in the district, Kim was the Chief Business Official at Santa Barbara County SELPA, providing funding and Special Education programs to help students succeed in Santa Barbara County.

She oversees all the business departments and provides financial management and leadership to safeguard the fiscal health of the entire district. She is dedicated to  providing fiscal support to students and staff in a meaningful and equitable way in order to give every student, every chance, every day.; 805-963-4338, ext 6230

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