Santa Barbara Unified School District Takes Action on Climate Change

School Board adopts resolution declaring climate change a generational justice and human rights issue Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education adopted a call to climate change action resolution at the January 15, 2019 school board meeting. The resolution recognizes that climate change is a social justice and equity issue that impacts all people […]

Santa Barbara Unified School District new student enrollment is now open

Application Deadline for school transfers is Friday, January 18, 2019 New student enrollment at Santa Barbara Unified School District is available for families enrolling for the first time and those interested in a school transfer. Residents that live within Santa Barbara Unified School District who are considering transferring to a district school that is not […]

Food Service Menus Go Paperless with New App!

Food Services Department announced that their menus have gone paperless by introducing a new, free digital food application: Nutrislice! Nutrislice is an easy, convenient and paper-free digital food menu option that can help save approximately 72,000 pieces of paper printed every school year. It allows users to view digital menus including nutrition information, pictures, item […]

California School Dashboard Gets New Look

California School Dashboard 2.0 has been released, designed to make the state-level performance evaluation of a district and school more friendly and easy to understand. Also, the Dashboard will offer a Spanish version in January 2019, giving families complete access to all the information for those who speak and read Spanish (click on “en español” […]

Adams Elementary School Receives National Recognition

Adams Elementary School, a part of Santa Barbara Unified School District, received the high honor of being recognized as a 2018 National Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Distinguished School. This recognition was formerly called Title I Academic Achievement Award School. Adams Elementary becomes one of only two California schools, and a part of 100 […]

Board of Education Adopts Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement for Class of 2023

The Board of Education adopted an Ethnic Studies graduation requirement at their November 13, 2018 Board meeting. Ethnic Studies is a field of study in which students learn about the political, social, economic, and cultural experience of marginalized groups within and beyond the United States. SBUnified joins increasing numbers of districts throughout the state by […]

Board of Education Honors Outgoing Board Members

Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education celebrated the dedicated public service of Kate Parker and Ismael Paredes Ulloa at the November 13, 2018 Board of Education Meeting. Ismael Paredes Ulloa joined the Board in January of 2017 and was recognized for his integrity and commitment to support students from all backgrounds, most notably […]

Purchase of the National Guard Armory Advances

School board vote makes a 25-year dream for the region become a reality Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education took final action to approve a $11.6 million purchase of the National Guard Armory, a major component of the 2016, $135 million Bond Measure I. The Board’s action represents the culmination of a 25-year […]

La Cumbre Junior High School Theatre Named “Jo Ann Caines Theatre”

In honor of the legacy and fierce leadership of Jo Ann Caines The La Cumbre Junior High School Theatre is officially named the “Jo Ann Caines Theatre” following Santa Barbara Unified School District board action on October 23, 2018. Jo Ann Caines passed away on June 6, 2018, and her more than thirty year career […]