February 26, 2019 Board Meeting

Board meeting agenda and attachments

D. Consent Agenda
E.1. Board Action on Student Transfer; Case #201819I-05: Student confidentiality protected under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232(g); 34 CFR Part 99.
E.2-3. Board Action on Student Discipline, Education Code §48918
E.4. Board Action on Petition for Readmission of an Expelled Student, Education Code §48918, Case No.: 201718-30
E.5. Approval of Resolution 201819-33, Black History Month
E.6. Approval of Provisional Internship Permit (PIP)
E.7. Discussion and Adoption of the Low-Performing Students Block Grant Proposal
E.8-25. Approval of Safety Plans
F.1. CA School Dashboard Local Indicator Report: State Priority Area 3, Parent Involvement
F.2.CA School Dashboard Local Indicator Report SY 2018-2019: State Priority Area 6, School Climate – Students’ Sense of Safety and School Connectedness