SBUnified takes action on climate change

School Board adopts resolution declaring climate change a generational justice and human rights issue

Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education adopted a call to climate change action resolution at the January 15, 2019 school board meeting. The resolution recognizes that climate change is a social justice and equity issue that impacts all people and disproportionately young people. It also affirms the belief that students and teachers can positively shape a world that is yet to be created, environmentally and sustainably.

“As we experienced tragically a year ago, climate change is already impacting our community, our schools, our students and their futures,” said Laura Capps, Vice President of the Board of Education who brought the measure forward. “The climate crisis is daunting, yet we are committed to doing our part in each and every school – while teaching the next generation environmental education and climate science. And we’re proud to join other school boards across the country in a collective call to action for Congress to make progress on climate.”

The school board affirmed their support for existing districtwide environmental and sustainable initiatives that include: kindergarten through 12th grade environmental education and climate science efforts, facility projects that incorporate solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, climate friendly food service that increases plant-based menu offerings and food waste reduction programs, LED lighting, and the establishment of a Sustainability Sub-Committee as part of the districtwide Wellness Committee.

The district will share its commitment to climate change action with Santa Barbara County Office of Education, State Superintendent of Education, California State Board of Education, Congressional Climate Solutions Caucus, California State School Board Association, National School Board Association, State and National representatives in Sacramento and Washington D.C., and the Schools for Climate Action campaign.