Santa Barbara Unified School District’s Mobile Café 100% Plant-Based Menu will again find its place on the center of the plate at Santa Barbara’s Earth Day Festival April 21st and 22nd

In Partnership with Hungry Planet, SB Unified Food Services Continues to Reduce its Water and Carbon Footprint

Santa Barbara Unified School District (SBUSD) continues its mission of Eco-Friendly food service by serving the most delicious, creative plant based (non GMO) entrees this weekend at Santa Barbara’s Earth Day Festival!

SBUSD’s Mobile Café proudly presents its plant-based menu to the community this weekend thanks to its partnership with St. Louis-based Hungry Planet. This weekend, the Mobile Café will feature three tantalizing entrees, including the Double “V” Burger, Italian Meatball Sub, and a mouthwatering Chile Chicken Verde Burrito – all made entirely with pure plant protein!

“When I discovered Hungry Planet, I was astounded by how their plant-based meats look, taste, and cook like traditional meat. The fact that it has a much healthier nutritional profile and lighter environmental footprint is part of a reality we cannot ignore!” said SBUSD’s Food Service Director, Nancy Weiss. “50% or more students are now choosing Hungry Planet options over the regular menu and I believe that we are setting the example and providing a new way of looking at food and that is uplifting, to say the least! As an educational institution, we should be the model of health and wellness both in the classroom and the lunch room.”

Says Hungry Planet’s co-founder Jody Boyman, “We’re excited to be working on this impactful, health-supporting initiative with SBUSD. Nancy serves about 9,000 students per day. By offering a selection of plant-based meats, SBUSD Food Services can reduce their carbon and water footprint by approximately 85% per serving. Over one school year, Nancy projects SB Unified will save well over 116 million gallons of water. It’s a win-win situation; together we’re benefitting the environment while improving our children’s health and well-being.”

The motto of SB Unified School District’s Food Service Department is: “Eat to Live. Live to Learn. Learn to Eat”. This vision compliments Hungry Planet’s commitment to bringing healthy, plant-based meats to everyone regardless of age, income or geography. SBUSD advances its forward-thinking leadership under SB Unified Food Service Director, Nancy Weiss, in providing students with access to healthy, restaurant quality, made-from-scratch meals, free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. She is deeply committed to operating her award winning department of school food service while focusing on eliminating waste, supporting local farmers and creating equitable work in district kitchens.

The community is invited to join SBUSD Food Services Director Chef Nancy Weiss and Hungry Planet’s founders at Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival this Saturday and Sunday, April 21 and 22, to taste the future of school food. The Mobile Café will be located at the corner of Santa Barbara Street & Sola.

About Hungry Planet: Hungry Planet produces premium plant-based meats which are eco-friendly and healthy, and have the hearty meat taste and texture diners crave. To learn more about Hungry Planet, visit or @hungryplanetfoods on Facebook and Instagram.