International Celebrity Chef to Participate in Santa Barbara Unified Food Services Professional Development Day Featuring “Plant Strong” Culinary Workshop

Santa Barbara Unified School District (Santa Barbara Unified) continues its commitment to going deliciously green presenting an all-day culinary training co-sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States during a districtwide professional development day on October 30, 2017.

The bilingual culinary workshop will feature acclaimed chef, activist and media personality, Eddie Garza. Chef Garza is a leading thought leader in the movement to reform food systems and improve health outcomes in Latino communities through the implementation of innovative plant-based meal programs. He has lectured and presented in the U.S. and Mexico at top universities, major conferences and TV, including CNN, Telemundo, SXSW and ExpSer in Mexico City. His book, Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook is among the top 10 on Amazon’s cookbook rankings.

Chef Garza will demonstrate inventive cooking methods and techniques while executing mouthwatering, kid-friendly recipes like:

Sizzling Street Tacos
Amazing Lo Mein
Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower
Kickin’ Kale Salad
Rockin’ Roasted Cool Corn & Edamame…and many more.
Santa Barbara Unified Food Service Director, Chef Nancy Weiss explains, “These are exciting times for our industry; as a school district, we are in the unique position to enhance the lives of young people through whole foods, nutrition, and by encouraging smart choices and healthy eating habits. Our department’s motto is, Eat to Live, Live to Learn, Learn to Eat, and each and every day we strive to serve our students the most delicious and healthful meals while supporting local farms and businesses.”

Chef Weiss, 2017 recipient of the U.S. Congressional Woman of the Year Award and the National Golden Carrot Award, is recognized for her work to serve restaurant quality, made-from-scratch meals featuring local farm produce and healthful ingredients in a public education environment. Weiss’ reinvention of campus dining challenges perceptions of the “School Food” model and makes Santa Barbara Unified an example for forward-thinking school districts throughout the nation.

Santa Barbara Unified Food Services serves about 9,000 students per day. By offering a selection of plant-based options, Santa Barbara Unified will reduce its carbon and water footprint by approximately 85% per serving. Over one school year, Food Services projects the district will save over 116 million gallons of water.

Says Chef Weiss, “It’s a win-win situation; together we’re benefitting the environment while improving our children’s health and well-being-I haven’t been this excited since I banned Styrofoam from our cafeterias!”