Old Spanish Days Fiesta Parade Volunteers Wanted

Santa Barbara Unified is excited to participate in the Old Spanish Days Fiesta Parade-keep a look out for your school board members, superintendent and school principals! Santa Barbara Unified is proud of its rich education tradition in Santa Barbara, a tradition that is more than 150 years old and rooted in 18th century Spanish era. There is a volunteer request from the Old Spanish Days Fiesta Parade (Desifile Historico) Committee that is in need of volunteers to help with marshaling this year, especially with changes due to the Castillo street closure. Benefits of volunteering include the Marshal Party held at 6 PM at the Carriage Museum on Monday, July 31st, where you’ll learn about the modest expectations, and you and a guest will be treated to dinner and drinks. You’ll also receive a very exclusive invitation to Horseman’s Rendezvous following the parade where you’ll mingle with the horseman, dignatarios and all those that make the Desifile Historico possible. Please let the Parade Committee know if you’re interested or have any questions by contacting them via phone at: 805.692.4400; by email at:bschwabecher@communitywestbank.com, or visiting their website at: www.oldspanishdays-fiesta.org.