Students from Dos Pueblos High School and La Colina Junior High School Earn Gold Medals at Le Grand Concours

Eric Lindheim-Marx, Rafael Saavedra, Allison Mintzer, and Matthew Lindheim-MarxFour SBUnified students: Eric Lindheim-Marx (DPHS), Rafael Saavedra (DPHS), Allison Mintzer (DPHS), Matthew Lindheim-Marx (DPHS), and Jennifer Gonzalez Hernandez (La Colina) took home gold medals from Le Grand Concours, a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. SBUnified students were evaluated for their written, oral and listening comprehension skills in French. The SBUnified students ranked among the 95th percentile of more than 85,000 students in all 50 states that competed in the 2017 event. Le Grand Concours participants are recognized for embracing an appreciation for other cultures, strive to continually learn and improve, and value the study of French.