Aeries Portal Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is my username/password?
    • Your username is your District-provided email address, [student ID]@my.sbunified.org (e.g., [email protected]).
    • Your password was sent to your District-provided email.  If you didn’t receive an email from Aeries with a default password, click on the Forgot Password? link on the login screen, enter your District-provided email address and Aeries will send a default password to your email.  Access your District-provided email here.
  2. What should I do if I never received a default password in my District-provided email?
    • Click on the Forgot Password? link on the login screen, and the system will send an email to your District-provided email address with a new password.
  3. What should I do if I my username/password aren’t working?
    • Click on the Forgot Password? link on the login screen, and the system will send an email to your District-provided email address with a new password.
  4. What should I do if I can’t access my District-provided email?
    • Please see the staff member(s) at your school that help with Google accounts (e.g., Google Drive).
  5. I’ll be attending a different school next year than the one I’m attending this year.  How do I see information related to the school I’m attending next year?
    • Go to Change Student in the upper-right of the screen and pick the record that lists the school you’re attending next year.
  6. Why can’t I choose courses for the new school year currently?
    • You will be able to choose courses only during the timeframe that your school establishes.  Please check with your school’s Counseling Office for more information.
  7. Whom should I contact if I need help with Aeries?
    • Please fill out this Google Form with details of the issue.


  1. Why haven’t I received a verification code?
    • Check your email’s spam folder.
    • If you still cannot find the email, click on “Forgot Password” on the Aeries Portal login screen.
  2. Why am I receiving an error message stating “Email is Inactive”?
    • Please call (805) 963-4338 x4357 for assistance.
  3. My email was recently added – why can’t I log in?
    • Accounts may take a couple of hours to activate after your email is updated in Aeries.  Please check back in a couple of hours and try again.
  4. How do I see my second student in the portal?
    • On the top right hand corner of the portal, click on the “Change Student” tab. Additional students will be on the drop down menu.
  5. Why can I only see one student in my portal?
    • The second student probably does not have a correct parent email address in Aeries.
    • Please call (805) 963-4338 x4357 for assistance.
  6. How do I go back to update or change information after I’ve completed registration?
    • In the portal, click on Student Info, then click on Data Confirmation.
  7. Why does the email show a Locked message in red?
    • The email address cannot be changed because it is associated with a parent login (username). Please contact school to update the email.
  8. Why did I only receive a verification code for one of my students?
    • Aeries has a concept of a “primary student”, and that’s the student that appears on the email notification. You will still have access to all students that are linked to your email address. (Refer back to #5 if after logging in you only see one of your students).
  9. What if information in my student’s Profile is incorrect?
    • You should notify your school, and the school will update the information in Aeries.
  10. Why can’t I find other documents required by my school?
    • The only documents in the portal are the District’s mandatory forms. If your school has additional documents for you to review, those documents will be linked to at the end of the portal.