Measure V

In early 1999, the Board of Education began a process of assessing school facility needs. Master planning committees (made up of parents, school staff, and community members) were formed at every secondary school* to assess the facilities and determine school site needs. The Board appointed architects to assist the planning committees. Each committee shared their final report with the Board. The lists of facilities needs exceeded $100,000,000. On October 13, 1999, the Board of Education adopted Resolution 99/00-12 to order a March 7, 2000 election for a General Obligation Bond Measure in the amount of $67,000,000. The bond, identified as Measure V, was supported by the community. Those bond funds are designated for infrastructure repairs, modernization, and other facility improvements to meet the classroom needs of today and tomorrow.

*Goleta Valley JHS, La Colina JHS, La Cumbre JHS, Santa Barbara JHS, Dos Pueblos HS, San Marcos HS, and Santa Barbara HS