Measure I-98

On June 2, 1998, the Santa Barbara Elementary School District was successful in passing a General Obligation Bond. The $25 million bond provides for facilities additions and improvements.

Measure I-98 Bond-Funded Projects

Adams Elementary School

  • site modernization
  • roof replacement
  • electrical system replacement
  • library design
  • ADA upgrades

Cleveland Elementary School

  • reconfigured and installed new portables and bathroom facilities
  • emergency access
  • site improvements
  • modernization, including ADA upgrades
  • fire alarm and telecommunications replacement

Franklin Elementary School

  • new classrooms and library buildings
  • classroom and ADA modernization
  • portable classrooms installed for interim housing
  • portable classroom quads demolished
  • ADA upgrades
  • telecommunications replacement
  • fire alarm replacement

Harding Elementary School

  • construction of a new science lab
  • ADA upgrades

McKinley Elementary School

  • portables replaced and reconfigured
  • reroofing
  • modernization
  • ADA upgrades

Monroe Elementary School

  • site modernization, including structural repairs, drainage, and site improvements
  • portables replaced and reconfigured
  • ADA parking lot and site access upgrades
  • ADA upgrades

Peabody Charter School

  • construction of a new library and Exploration Center
  • modernization, Phase I
  • kitchen ADA upgrade
  • modernization, Phase 2
  • ADA upgrades
  • conversion of old library to classrooms

Santa Barbara Community Academy

  • temporary expansion of the Academy classrooms and playground at Santa Barbara Junior High
  • ADA upgrades
  • classroom conversion and construction

Washington Elementary School

  • ADA upgrades
  • parking lot improvements
  • ADA parking upgrades
  • library design
  • portable relocation/replacement