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Dos Pueblos Team Competes at Regional Level of National Science Bowl

Dos Pueblos High School Science Bowl team

On Saturday, January 28, 2017, a team of five Dos Pueblos students participated in a National Science Bowl regional competition. The regional competition, held at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. brought together four-person student teams from high schools and middle schools. The teams were quizzed on questions pertaining to chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, astronomy, and computer science.

A Dos Pueblos High School team took the second place in pool play–six teams per pool–which, according to team leader Chris Jones, “… allowed us to go on to the double elimination playoff round. The only team we lost to was Fullerton School District’s Troy High School. Chris Jones noted, “…after a lunch break the playoff brackets were announced and we had to play Troy again. We beat them pretty badly in the playoff game and then lost on the last question in the next game to perennial powerhouse Arcadia. We won the next two games in the losers bracket and had to face Troy again. They stomped us and we ended with fourth place.” While Troy High School went on to win, Dos Pueblos was the only team to beat them that day.

Following are two sample questions from the 2016 National Science Bowl (Click to view answers)

Sample Question #1: BIOLOGY: What is the biological term most often used for the act of a cell engulfing a particle by extending its pseudopodia (read as: SU-doe-POH-dee-ah) around the particle?


Sample Question #2: CHEMISTRY Multiple Choice - An aqueous solution in which the concentration of OH– ions is greater than that of H+ ions is: W) basic X) acidic Y) neutral Z) in equilibrium.