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Kudos to our Tech Coaches

Congratulations to Tech Coaches Amy McMillan, an English teacher at Goleta Valley Junior High, and Helen Murdoch, a social studies coach, for recently becoming Google for Education certified trainers. The certified trainer is part of a professional development program offered by Google to help schools effectively implement Google in the classroom.

The Certified Trainer training and exams ensure that candidates have the skills to support, plan, and implement professional development for teachers on Google tools. Through two themes: (1) Create and Deliver Inspiring and Effective Training Plans and (2) Help Educators Use Transformative Google Technologies, certified trainers develop mentorship mindsets and coaching practices that will help educators redefine teaching and learning with technology.

Our district recognizes their achievement in supporting teacher professional growth. In education, strong professional development leaders are needed to help educators integrate technology into classroom teaching. It’s inspiring how they’ve stepped into this role and inspired faculty to learn more about technology for education.