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Student Exits Alta Vista to the Sound of the Bugle

Last week, Alta Vista student Andrea Macias completed her high school graduation requirements in mid-year and, as is tradition at Alta Vista, she did it to the sound of the bugle. As Andrea exited the campus in her graduation cap and gown–diploma in hand–Assistant Superintendent Frann Wageneck opened the school’s main door and, played the bugle. One can’t help but have a smile on their face when La Cuesta’s unique rite of passage takes place. As for the future that awaits, Andrea’s immediate plan is to study other language, travel, and raise enough money so, hopefully, by summer 2017 she can go to Japan, where she would like to attend graduate school. In the short term, Andrea plans to polish her writing skills and study animation and literature. Her hope is to one day become a writer and open her own bookstore.