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McKinley Students Step Back in Time

Students construct a teepeeMcKinley Elementary School’s sixth-grade classes created a living museum to teach the rest of the school about what life was life for early humans. The playground was split into four stations inspired by the sixth grade text, Maroo of the Winter Caves. They made the book come alive. At the White Mountain station, students learned about early man’s spirituality, animals that were existed at this time, how fire can be made, and how an igloo insulates. At the Winter Caves station, students learned about the importance of storytelling, cave painting, and drumming in early society. At the Camp, student learned about gathering food and how early man utilized what they found to make useful tools. The Autumn Hunting Grounds taught early man’s hunting strategies, technologies, and theories behind mammoth and mastodon extinction. Six classes made it through the museum. Students had to design sets, costumes, research their topic, then present. Sixth-grade teacher Brendan Fereday said, “We also had groups of students responsible for guiding the classes through and others coordinating the event.”