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Dos Pueblos High School Hall of Fame: Alex Filippenko, Class of 1975

As part of the school’s 50th anniversary celebration this year, Dos Pueblos High School has created a Hall of Fame, celebrating several of its graduates. In the days ahead, Dos Pueblos Hall of Fame profiles will appear in eNEWS.

Alex FilippenkoAlex Filippenko is a professor of astronomy at UC Berkeley. An elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, he is one of the world’s most highly cited astrophysicists and the recipient of numerous prizes for his scientific research. He was the only person to have been a member of both teams that revealed the accelerating expansion of the universe, an amazing discovery that was honored with the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics to the teams’ leaders and the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics to all team members. In 2006, Alex received the US National Professor of the Year Award, and he also won the 2010 Richard H. Emmons Award for excellence in college astronomy teaching. At UC Berkeley, he received the Distinguished Teaching Award and the Donald S. Noyce Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in the Physical Sciences. Moreover, the Cal student body has voted him a record nine times as their “Best Professor” on campus. He has produced five astronomy video courses with The Great Courses, coauthored an award-winning astronomy textbook, and appears in more than 100 television documentaries. In 2004, he received the Carl Sagan Prize for Science Popularization.