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Parcel Tax and Bond Oversight Committee Openings

Santa Barbara Unified School District’s Board of Education is seeking qualified, interested individuals to serve on either the general obligation bond or parcel tax Citizens’ Oversight Committees. These seven-member committees monitor expenditures (parcel tax Measure A2012 and B2012 support instruction; bond Measure Q2010 or Measure R2010 support building modernization, renovation, and repair).

School year 2016-2017 marks the final year of parcel tax Measure A2012 and parcel tax Measure B2012.

There will be 3-4 meetings annually, each lasting about 30-60 minutes. Click here to view committee reports and documents, and to access the committee application.

For more information, or if you know of someone who might be willing to serve, please contact Barbara Keyani [email protected]

Note: In accordance with the Citizens Oversight Committee bylaws, to be a qualified person, he or she must not be an employee or official of the district; and not be employed as or by a vendor, contractor, or consultant of the district.