In the News:

District’s National Hispanic Scholars

Eleven high school students in our the Santa Barbara Unified School District scored in the top 2.5 percent among Hispanic and Latino PSAT/NMSQT test takers. Each year, the College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP) recognizes about 5,000 of the 250,000 Hispanic/Latino juniors who take the test. The College Board reaches out to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT in October of their junior year
  • Are at least one-quarter Hispanic/Latino
  • Achieve the minimum required PSAT/NMSQT Selection Index score (this qualifying level may vary by state, region, and territory each year)
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher by the middle of their junior year

According to the NHRP website, “The College Board’s NHRP program is an academic honor that can be included on college applications. It’s not a scholarship, but colleges do use this program to identify academically exceptional Hispanic/Latino students.”

Congratulations go out to:

  • Rafael Saavedra, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Christina Rice, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Nicholas Mata, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Cesar Plascencia Zuniga, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Matteo Vega, Dos Pueblos High School
  • Noelia Ramirez, San Marcos High School
  • Grace Quittner, San Marcos High School
  • Bryce Quezada, San Marcos High School
  • Benjamin Spievak, San Marcos High School
  • Diego Curiel, San Marcos High School
  • Ben Zevallos, Santa Barbara High School