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Student Maxwell Sagermann an International Art Contest Winner

Colorful drawing of a man surrounded by waves and trashWhile a student at La Colina Junior High, then eighth-grader Maxwell Sagermann entered the 2016 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Art Contest. His entry, “Strangled Seas,” was one of two award-winning middle school entries in the art category of the competition (there were more than 2,100 submissions in the categories of art, poetry, prose, and film). He entered the contest when he was an eighth-grade student in Nicole DeLeon’s art program at La Colina.

Maxwell informed Ms. DeLeon that the school’s art program will also be awarded a prize for Maxwell’s accomplishments. To view Maxwell’s award-winning piece, go to http://fromthebowseat.org/  Maxwell is currently a ninth-grade student at San Marcos High School.