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September 23 is California Native American Day

Today, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson speaks at California Native American Day festivities at California State University San Bernardino. He said, “The event is a good time to remember that the new History-Social Science Framework, adopted in July by the State Board of Education, will give students access to the latest historical research and help them learn about the diversity of our state and the contributions of people and groups who may not have received the appropriate recognition in the past. The new document includes significant revisions to Native American history in the state, including suffering that took place in many California missions and an ‘extremely high’ death rate among Native Americans in this period resulting from the introduction of diseases for which the native population did not have immunity. The State Board of Education is scheduled to adopt recommended textbooks and other instructional materials in November 2017 after working with publishers for the next year to align their materials with California’s new framework.”