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Swedish Barbershop Quartet Ringmasters Performs for Dos Pueblos Students…Next Stop Marjorie Luke Theatre

Dos Pueblos vocal teacher Courtney Anderson coordinated the September 14 performance of the Barbershop Quartet Ringmasters at Dos Pueblos High School. Teacher John Dent said, “Students cheered loudly as they were wowed by the vocals of this group, and had a chance to interact, get advice and feedback about their own performances.”

At that same assembly, a Dos Pueblos High School quartet performed for the Ringmasters:

The Ringmasters quartet will perform again at the Marjorie Luke Theatre at Santa Barbara Junior High School on Saturday, September 17, 2016. On that day, they will be one of the groups performing in the Pacific Sound Mens’ Chorus, a cappella performances by several championship quartets and choruses. For more details about the September 17 event, visit the Marjorie Luke website: http://luketheatre.org/calendar/