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Community of Schools: A Pathway to Success

Santa Barbara Unified is focused on a vision, mission, and core values to close the achievement gap and do whatever it takes to improve all children’s chance at success in school and life, from birth to college graduation. Through an intentional private-public partnership between the Santa Barbara Unified schools and the philanthropic sector, as well as local colleges, business, and stakeholders serving the community, children and their families are being supported.

The aim of the Community of Schools is to significantly change the educational trajectory of children who have not typically been afforded opportunities that result in school readiness, by providing them with a clear pathway and support to achieving their goals. The Community of Schools aligns with the goals of the district’s strategic plan with a greater focus on early childhood education, school readiness, family and community engagement, and college readiness. The pathway to student success identifies benchmarks and milestones to guide the project.

The Community of Schools strives to change outcomes for children by addressing the five comprehensive components of the project plan: early childhood education and kindergarten readiness; parent education, engagement, and leadership; community school model; college readiness; and collective impact. The plan incorporates continuous program improvement through evaluation and metric-driven decision making. The Community of Schools is supported through blended funding, including school district funds, partnerships with local community agencies and colleges, and private funds at approximately $1million to supplement key strategies and programming to meet the goals of the project.

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