In the News:

Harding School’s Summer Reading Challenge

For the Summer Reading Challenge at Harding University Partnership School, the parents of every incoming student in grades 1-6 received information on their child’s current Accelerated Reading (AR) level from their last STAR test and encouraged them to go to the library to get “just right” books for their child.

Once they read their books, the students are invited to return to Harding and take the accompanying AR test (Wednesday and Friday evening from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the library) which will tally the number of words read.

Principal Binkley has challenged all students to read at their AR level so they can compete for the most words read over the summer. The top two winners (children who read the most words) will win a gift of their choice from Chaucer’s Book Store. The purpose of the program is to continue the reading program over the summer.