December 13, 2011 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda (English)
Board Meeting Agenda (Spanish)
Board Meeting Minutes

Consent Agenda

C.5 Acceptance of Donations

General Consent Items

E.1 Approval of Minutes of September 13, 2011, September 27, 2011, October 11, 2011, and November 8, 2011
E.2 Approval and Ratification of Additional Fundraising for 2011-12 for Dos Pueblos High School, Goleta Valley Junior High School, La Colina Junior High School, San Marcos High School, and Santa Barbara High School
E.3 Approval of Staff Travel: Out-of-State Travel and/or Expenses in Excess of $1,200 Dated December 6, 2011
E.4 Approval of Student Field Trips for La Colina Junior High School, La Cumbre Junior High School, Santa Barbara Junior High School, and Ratification of the Student Field Trip for San Marcos High School

Education and Instruction

E.5 Approval of Measure H Parcel Tax District/Site Plans and Measure H & I Charter School Site School Site Plans for the Santa Barbara Unified School District
E.6 Approval of Project Agreements with Family Service Agency and Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse to Implement the District’s Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Grant
E.7 Acceptance of Williams Legislation Annual Report for Adams, Cleveland, Franklin, Harding, and McKinley Elementary Schools for Fiscal Year 2010-11
E.8 Approval of Submission for After-School Education and Safety Program Grants for Santa Barbara Community Academy and Adelante Charter School
E.9 Approval of Submission of 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant on January 11, 2012 for Santa Barbara Junior High School, Adams Elementary School, Franklin Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School, and La Cumbre Junior High School


E.10 Approval of Recommended Personnel Action Items Dated December 13, 2011
E.11 Approval of Local Educational Activities and Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (LEA/MAA) Specialist Job Description
E.12 Approval of Clinical Practicum Agreement between Santa Barbara Unified School District and California State University Northridge
E.13 Approval of Harding Early Years Program (HEYP) Nurse and Harding Early Years (HEYP) Infant Development Specialist Job Descriptions

Business and Finance

E.14 Approval of Purchase Order Report for the Period November 1, 2011 through December 6, 2011
E.15 Approval of Paid Commercial Warrant Register Dated November 9, 2011 through December 7, 2011
E.16 Approval to Retain Keygent Advisors to Perform a Recovery-Max Benefit Review


E.17 Approval of Proposal from Flowers & Associates, Inc. for Engineering Services for Kindergarten Asphalt Drainage Improvements at Adams Elementary School
E.18 Approval of Proposal from Robert Robles Architecture, Inc. for Programming Services for Multipurpose Building Modernization at Franklin Elementary School
E.19 Approval of Proposal from Robert Robles Architecture, Inc. for Kindergarten Building Re-Roof and Exterior Painting Upgrades at Peabody Charter School
E.20 Approval of Proposal from Urban-Ag Ecology for Assistance with Ground Squirrel and Gopher Fumigation Program for La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara Community Academy at La Cumbre Junior High School, Cleveland Elementary School, and Monroe Elementary School

Acceptance of 2010-11 Annual and Five-Year Reports on Statutory School Fees (Developer Fees) for the Santa Barbara Elementary District and the Santa Barbara Secondary District

E.22 Acceptance of Completed Contract, Phase I Hillside Stabilization, Micropiles and Tiebacks at McKinley Elementary School
E.23 Approval of Proposal from Flowers & Associates, Inc. for Additional Engineering Services for Recreational Equipment Area Resurfacing and Kindergarten Yard Upgrades Project at Cleveland Elementary School

Action Agenda

F.1 Approval of and Public Hearing on the Submission of a General Waiver Request to the State Board of Education for a Waiver of Education Code 51222 (a) – Physical Education on Behalf of San Marcos High School
F.2 Positive Certification of First Interim Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2011-12
F.3 Approval of Pre-Internship Permit
F.4 Approval of Santa Barbara Unified School District’s Plan for Implementation of Transitional Kindergarten
F.5 Approval of Board Action on Student Discipline Case Number(s): 11/12-11

Conference Agenda

G.1 District English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC) Presentation
G.2 Discussion of Proposal for Contraband Detection and Deterrent Program Service from Interquest Contraband Detection Canines
G.3 First Reading of the 2011-14 Classified Collective Bargaining Agreement between the California School Employees Association (CSEA) and the Santa Barbara Unified School District (District)