October 26, 2010 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda (English)
Board Meeting Agenda (Spanish)
Board Meeting Minutes

Consent Agenda

C.5 Acceptance of Donations

General Consent Items

D.1 Approval of Minutes of October 12, 2010
D.2 Approval of Additional Fundraising for 2010-11 for Dos Pueblos High School, Goleta Valley Junior High School, San Marcos High School, Santa Barbara Junior High School and Santa Barbara High School
D.3 Approval of Staff Travel: Out-of-State Travel and/or Expenses in Excess of $500, Dated October 19, 2010
D.4 Approval of Student Field Trips for La Cumbre Junior High School and Open Alternative School

Education and Instruction

D.5 Approval of Revision to Board Policy 5145.12, “Search and Seizure”
D.6 Approval of Purchase Order Number 110734 to the UC Regents for Services to Harding University Partnership School Through the Center for School-Based Youth Development at the University of California, Santa Barbara


D.7 Approval of Recommended Personnel Action Items Dated October 26, 2010

Business and Finance

D.8 Approval of Purchase Order Report for the Period October 6, 2010 through October 18, 2010
D.9 Approval of Paid Commercial Warrant Register Dated October 7, 2010 through October 13, 2010
D.10 Approval of Exponent Proposal for Air Quality Evaluation at Washington Elementary School
D.11 Approval of Resolution No. 2010/2011-20 Delegation of Governing Board Powers/Duties Authorizing Cash and Budget Transfers per Education Code Section 35161 and Update Authorized Signature Forms

Action Agenda

E.1 Approval of the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team to Perform a Management Assistance Study and Evaluation of the Districts’ Payroll Function
E.2 Approval of Amended Conflict of Interest Code and Appendix Pursuant to Government Code Section 87306 and Adoption of Resolution 2010/11-21
E.3 Approval of Board Action on Student Discipline Case Number(s): 10/11-02 and 10/11-03

Conference Agenda

F.1 Report to the Board Regarding Elementary Intervention and Summer Bridge Program
F.2 Preliminary Evaluation of Secondary District Honors Coursework Plan
F.3 Update on Special Education
F.4 Information on 45 Day Revision to the Districts’ Budget Based on Final Adoption of State Budget