June 8, 2010 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda (English)
Board Meeting Agenda (Spanish)
Board Meeting Minutes

Consent Agenda

C.5 Acceptance of Donations

General Consent Items

D.1 Approval of Minutes of May 11, 2010
D.2 Approval of Additional Fundraising for 2009-10 and 2010-11 for La Cumbre Junior High School, San Marcos High School, and Santa Barbara High School
D.3 Approval of Staff Travel: Out-of-State Travel and/or Expenses in Excess of $500, Dated June 2, 2010
D.4 Approval of Student Field Trips for the Child Development Program

Education and Instruction

D.5 Approval of Job Description for Director of Student Services
D.6 Second Reading and Approval of Administrative Regulation 4351.1, “Management Salary Schedule”
D.7 Recognition of the Harding School Foundation as a School-connected Organization
D.8 Approval of Contract Agreement Between Santa Barbara School Districts and the Family Service Agency for the 2009-10 School Year for Harding University Partnership School
D.9 Approval of Master Contract (2010/2011-201) and Individual Service Agreement with Support and Treatment for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc., to Provide Behavior Consultation/Direct Intervention Services for a Special Education Student


D.10 Approval of Recommended Personnel Action Items Dated June 8, 2010
D.11 Approval of Westmont College Partnership Agreement
D.12 Approval of Administrative Law Judge Decision Regulation Certificated Reduction in Force and Approval of Resolution No. 2009-10/53

Business and Finance

D.13 Approval of Purchase Order Report for the Period May 19, 2010 through June 1, 2010
D.14 Approval to Enter into 60-Month Lease Agreement with CCI-Hasler for Mail Processing Equipment and Maintenance at the District Administrative Office


D.15 Approval of Change Order No. 20, Santa Barbara High School, Main Building Waterproofing
D.16 Approval of Change Order No. 21, Santa Barbara High School, Main Building Waterproofing
D.17 Approval of Preconstruction Services Agreement with Frank Schipper Construction Co. for Lease Lease-back Construction Delivery Method for the Elings Center for Engineering Education at Dos Pueblos High School
D.18 Award of Contract to Hanly General Engineering Corporation for Demolition of Portable Classrooms 33 and 34 at Adams Elementary School

Action Agenda

E.1 Approval of Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Santa Barbara Police Department for the Provision of Crossing Guards for 2010-11 through the 2012-13 School Years
E.2 Update on Special Education and Approval of Draft Priorities for Special Education
E.3 Approval of Moving to SISC III (Anthem) as the Santa Barbara School Districts Health Insurance Provider for the 2010-11 School Year
E.4 Approval of Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators for the 2010-11 School Year and Approval of Resolution Number 2009/10-54
E.5 Approval of Board Action on Student Discipline Case Number(s): 09/10-48

Conference Agenda

F.1 READ 180 Gains Analysis Report
F.2 Discussion on Comprehensive Gang Prevention and Intervention Program and Plan to Continue Outreach and Staff Involvement in Gang Violence Prevention
F.3 Report on Attendance Support Program