December 11, 2007 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting Minutes

Consent Agenda

General Consent Items

F.1 Approval of Minutes
October 9, 2007
October 23, 2007
October 30, 2007
November 1, 2007
November 20, 2007
F.2 Approval of Additional Fundraising for 2007-08 for Santa Barbara Junior High School and Santa Barbara High School
F.3 Approval of Santa Barbara High School English Students Trip to Ashland, Oregon
F.4 Approval of Staff Travel — Out-of-State Travel and/or Expenses in Excess of $500, dated November 27, 2007

Education and Instruction

F.5 Approval of Consultant Agreement between Jensen Learning and Santa Barbara School Districts for Professional Development Training on January 5, 2008


F.6 Approval of Recommended Personnel Action Items Dated December 11, 2007

Business and Finance

F.7 Approval of Commercial Warrant Register Sheets for the Period November 26, 2007 through December 7, 2007
F.8 Approval of the Transportation Agreement with Goleta Union School District for the 2007-08 School Year
F.9 Approval of the Redevelopment Consulting Services Contract with Public Economics, Inc.


F.10 Approval of Purchase Order Report for the Period November 7, 2007 through December 4, 2007
F.11 Approval of Change Order No. 1, Pavement Rehabilitation at Peabody Charter School

Facilities – Bond Projects

F.12 Approval of Contract Award to Pat McCarthy Construction, Inc. Franklin Elementary School Modernization (corrected attachment posted 12/14/07)
F.13 Rejection of All Bids, ADA Phase II, Bid Package B, Dos Pueblos High School

Action Agenda

G.1 Public Hearing on Intent to Convey and Approval of Grant of Easement to Southern California Edison at Monroe Elementary School
G.2 Public Hearing and Approval of Resolution 07/08-14 Regarding Williams Sufficiency/Insufficiency of Instructional Materials for Santa Barbara High School District
G.3 Third Reading and Approval of Board Policy 1240, “Volunteer Assistance”
G.4 Board Action on Student Expulsion Case Numbers 07/08-03, 07/08-08, 07/08-14, 07/08-22, 07/08-23, and 07/08-28

Conference Agenda

H.1 First Interim Budget Report

H.2 First Reading of the Tentative Agreement for the Proposed Calendar between the Santa Barbara School Districts and the Santa Barbara Teachers Association
H.3 Proposal to Constitute a LEAP Council in the Santa Barbara High School District, Replacing the Former Secondary Curriculum Council
H.4 Report on Recent Single Plan for Student Achievement Presentations
H.5 (Time Permitting) Report on Healthy Kids Survey