October 9, 2007 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting Minutes

Consent Agenda

General Consent Items

D.1 Approval of Staff Travel: Out-of-State Travel and/or Expenses in Excess of $500 dated October 2, 2007
D.2 Approval of Elementary Fundraising Activities for Harding Elementary School and Santa Barbara Community Academy for the 2007-08 School Year
D.3 Approval of Additional Fundraising for 2007-08 for San Marcos High School and Santa Barbara High School
D.4 Approval of San Marcos High Marching Band Field Trip to Miami, Florida

Education and Instruction

D.5 Approval of Memorandum of Understanding Between Americorps, Santa Barbara County Education Office, and Adams and Cleveland Elementary Schools for the 2007-08 School Year


D.6 Approval of Recommended Personnel Action Items Dated October 9, 2007
D.7 Report of Annual Teacher Assignments and Approval of Resolutions 07/08-09 and 07/08-10
D.8 Consent Approval of New Classified Job Description and Salary Range for Waterford Mobile Lab Outreach Operator

Business and Finance

D.9 Approval of Commercial Warrant Register Sheets Dated September 24, 2007 through October 5, 2007
D.10 Acceptance of Peabody Charter School’s 2006-07 Unaudited Actuals Financial Statements


D.11 Approval of Purchase Order Report for the Period September 19, 2007 through October 2, 2007
D.12 Approval of Contract Award to Tomar Construction Inc., DBA TJ Construction, for Field House Restroom Repairs at Santa Barbara High School
D.13 Acceptance of Completed Contract, Sewer Lateral Replacement at La Cumbre Junior High School
D.14 Acceptance of Completed Contract, Installation of Utilities and Access for Portable Buildings at San Marcos High School

Facilities – Bond Projects

D.15 Approval of Proposal from Cannon Associates for Construction Consultant Service

Action Agenda

E.1 Approval of 2006-07 Santa Barbara School Districts’ Unaudited Actuals Financial Statements

E.2 Approval of Study by Independent Organization for Budget Analysis and Recommendations for Restructuring Fiscal Services
E.3 Approval of Junior High School Elective Requests
E.4 Second Reading of Districts Proposal for Negotiating with the Santa Barbara Teachers Association
E.5 Board Action on a Request for a Supplemental Hearing: Student Expulsion Case Number 06/07-87

Conference Agenda

F.1 Report on District Suspensions and Expulsions Data for 2004-07
F.2 Report on Publication of Staff eNews and District Website News
F.3 (Time Permitting) First Reading of revised Board Policy 6173, Advanced Placement Courses and Exams
F.4 (Time Permitting) First Reading of New Board Policy 6173.1, International Baccalaureate Courses and Exams