December 13, 2005 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting Minutes

Annual Organizational Meeting

D.6 Committee Appointments

Consent Agenda

General Consent Items

F.1 Approval of Minutes

F.3 Approval of Student Field Trip – San Marcos High School
F.4 Approval of Staff Travel – Out-of-State Travel and/or Expenses in Excess of $500, dated December 13, 2005
F.5 Approval of Additional Fundraising for 2005-06 – La Colina Junior High School, Dos Pueblos High School, San Marcos High School, and Santa Barbara High School

Board of Education

F.6 Second Reading and Adoption of New Board Policies: Board Bylaw 9000, “Role of the Board” Board Bylaw 9005, “Governance Expectations”, and Board Bylaw 9400, “Board Self-Evaluation”


F.7 Approval of Recommended Personnel Action Items Dated November 22, 2005
F.8 Memorandum of Understanding between the Elementary and Secondary Schools with the BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) Induction Program
F.9 Approval of Substitute Pay Increase
F.10 Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators – 2005-06
F.11 Approval of Variable Term Waiver Credentials for Dana Liss, Math Teacher at La Colina Junior High School and Cosima Celmayster, Counselor at San Marcos High School
F.12 Report of Annual Teacher Assignments with Approval of Teachers to Teach Under Education Codes 44256(b), 44258.1, 44258.15(a), 44258.2, 44258.7(b), and 44263 and Adoption of Resolutions 05/06-15 and 05/06-16

Business and Finance

F.13 Approval of Commercial Warrant Register Sheets for the Period November 21, 2005 through December 9, 2005
F.14 Approval of the 2005-06 Driver Alliant Employee Benefits Consultant Agreement
F.15 Approval of School Services of California Fiscal Budget and Mandated Cost Claims Services for 2005-2006 Fiscal Year
F.16 Approval of the Transportation Agreement with Goleta Union School District for the 2005-06 School Year


F.17 Approval of Purchase Order Report for the Period November 16, 2005 through December 6, 2005
F.18 Declaration of Miscellaneous Equipment as Surplus to the Needs of the Districts
F.19 Approval of Proposal from Kruger Bensen Ziemer Architects, Inc. for Architectural Services for ADA Modular Restroom Building at Peabody Charter School

Facilities – Bond Projects

F.20 Approval of Change Orders 1 and 2, Franklin Elementary School Library and Classroom Replacement
F.21 Approval of Change Order No. 13, New Library and Science Center, Peabody Charter School
F.22 Approval of Proposal from the Solis Group to Administer the Districts Labor Compliance Program for the Gym Renovation Project at San Marcos High School
F.23 Approval of Proposal from The Solis Group to Administer the Districts Labor Compliance Program for the Site Elevators Project at Santa Barbara High School

Action Agenda

G.1 Second Reading and Adoption of Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5116.1, “Intradistrict Open Enrollment” Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5117, “Interdistrict Attendance” and Exhibit 5116.1, 5117, “Santa Barbara School Districts Interdistrict Attendance and Intradistrict Open Enrollment Priorities”
G.2 Approval of the 2005-06 First Interim Report for Peabody Charter School
G.3 Approval of Santa Barbara High School Theatre Seat Agreement
G.4 Board Action on Student Expulsion Case Number 05/06-14

Conference Agenda

H.1 Board Consideration of Possible District Unification and Discussion of Unification Issues, Including Consideration of a Draft Petition and Public Hearing
H.2 Report on Independent Physical Education Independent Study Program
H.4 Second Reading and Adoption of New Board Policies on Board Bylaws, 9000 Series