January 25, 2005 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting Minutes

A.7 Approval of Minutes – January 11, 2005

Action Agenda

B.1 Notice of Public Hearing and Adoption of Resolution 04/05-14 Re Insufficiency of Instructional Materials, Santa Barbara Elementary School District and Resolution 04/05-15 Re Insufficiency of Instructional Materials, Santa Barbara High School District
B.2 Approval of “Two-Tier Agreement” with California School Boards Association for Community Process to Select a Permanent Superintendent
B.3 Approval of Fiscal Year 2005-06 through Fiscal Year 2007-08 Student Transportation of America, Inc., Contract for the Santa Barbara School Districts
B.4 Approval of Associated Student Body Sponsored Sports Activity Clubs Offered at Dos Pueblos High School
B.5 Approval of the 2004-05 Consolidated Application, Part II
B.6 Approval of Contract Award: Stadium Walkway at San Marcos High School
B.7 Approval of Student Field Trips: La Colina Junior High School and San Marcos High School
B.8 Approval of Staff Travel: Out-of-State Travel and/or Expenses in Excess of $500 dated January 15, 2005

Conference Agenda

C.1 Report on Measure I-98 Project Timeline and Funding Status – Staff Request for Board Direction
C.4 Report on Proposed Scope of Work for the Facilities Master Plan Update
C.5 Report on Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposal for the Tatum and Hidden Valley Properties
C.6 Business Services Department Staffing Upgrades

Consent Agenda

D.1 Approval of Recommended Personnel Action Items dated January 11, 2005
D.2 Approval of Purchase Order Report for the Period January 5, 2005 through January 19, 2005
D.3 Approval of Commercial Warrant Register Sheets for the Period January 14, 2005 through January 21, 2005
D.4 Approval of Contract Award: 30s Wing Parking Lot, Santa Barbara High School
D.5 Approval of Contract with Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co. Accounting Services Division to Engage the Services of Partner Larson to Provide Interim Business Services During the District Accountant and Director of Fiscal Services Vacancies
D.6 Transportation Agreement with Goleta Union School District for the 2004-05 School Year
D.7 Approval of Fundraising Plans to Support Southeast Asia Tsunami Relief Efforts, Washington Elementary School
D.8 Approval of Agreement for Nonpublic, Nonsectarian Agency Contract between the Districts and Cristine Sosa