December 14, 2004 Board Meeting

December 14, 2004 Board Meeting Agenda
December 14, 2004 Board Meeting Minutes

C.2 Approval of Minutes

Action Agenda

D.1 Second Reading and Adoption of Proposed Amendments to Board Policy 9361, “Meetings and Notice;” Board Policy 9362, “Board Meetings Outside District;” Board Policy 9363, “Annual Organizational Meeting,” and Repeal of Board Policy 8341
D.2 Second Reading and Adoption of Proposed Revisions to Board Policy 1330 and Administrative Regulation 1330, “Community Relations, Use of School Facilities”
D.3 Second Reading and Adoption of Proposed Revision to Board Policy 5145.21, “Student/Parent Protection Rights,” to Incorporate Education Code 51938(b) Tools to Measure a Pupil’s Health Behavior and Risks
D.4 Approval of Field-Initiated School Engagement Grant, “Enhancing the School Engagement of At-risk Latino Students, Reducing Rates of Drop Out, Delinquency, and Academic Failure”
D.5 Second Reading and Adoption of Proposed Board Policy 4132, “Classroom Expenses”
D.6 Nominations for California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly

Conference Agenda

E.2 Report on the Tentative Agreement Between the Santa Barbara Teachers Association and the Santa Barbara School Districts for the 2004-05 School Year
E.3 Report on Potential Budget Cuts to Fund Contract Tentative Agreement Costs
E.5 Report on Deferred Maintenance Program Five-Year Plan
E.6 First Reading of Board Policy 1312.2 and Administrative Regulation 1312.2 Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials

Consent Agenda

F.1 Approval of Recommended Personnel Action Items dated December 14, 2004
F.2 Approval of Purchase Order Report for the Period November 17, 2004 through December 7, 2004
F.3 Approval of Commercial Warrant Register Sheets for the Period November 23, 2004 through December 10, 2004
F.4 Declaration of Miscellaneous Equipment as Surplus to the Needs of the Districts
F.5 Report of Annual Teacher Assignments with Approval of Teachers to Teach under Education Codes 44256(b), 44258.1, 44258.15(a), 44258.2, 44258.7(b), and 44263 and Adoption of Resolution Nos. 04/05-12 and 04/05-13
F.6 Approval of Contract with eSchool Solutions for SEMS Advantage with WebCenter, A Substitute Employee Management System
F.7 Approval of Agreement for Nonpublic, Nonsectarian Agency Services: Renewal of Contract Between the Districts and Joyce M. Lunt
F.8 Approval of Contract with the California Department of Education for Instructional Materials
F.9 Approval of Change Order No. 5 for Goleta Valley Junior High School Modernization
F.10 Approval of Change Order No. 1, Double Modular Classroom Upgrades at Peabody Charter School
F.11 Approval of Architectural Services, Roosevelt Elementary School Lunch Shelters
F.12 Approval of Expansion of Scope of Consultant Services Agreement, Keyser Marston Associates Inc.