October 26, 2004 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting Minutes

A.7 Approval of Minutes

Action Agenda

B.1 Approval of Proposed Reading Comprehension Grant
B.2 Second Reading of Revisions to Administrative Regulation 6143.2, Program and Graduation Requirements for Grades 9-12
B.3 Approval of Position for Director of Personnel Services
B.4 Approval of Position for Director of Research and Evaluation
B.5 Approval of Staff Travel: Out-of-State Travel and/or Expenses in Excess of $500 dated October 26, 2004

Conference Agenda

C.1 Report by Santa Barbara School District Real Property Advisory Committee on Recommendations to the Board Relating to Tatum, Hidden Valley, Happy Canyon and Western End of La Cumbre Junior High School Sites
C.4 First Reading of Proposed Amendments of Board Policy (Board Policy 9361 “Meetings and Notice”; Board Policy 9362 “Board Meetings Outside District”; Board Policy 9363 “Annual Organizational Meeting”), and Repeal of Board Policy 8341
C.5 First Reading of Proposed Revision of Board Policy 1330 and Administrative Regulation 1330, Community Relations, Use of School Facilities
C.6 Authorization to Proceed with the Formation of a District School Team to Partner with the University of California’s Linguistic Minority Research Institute in the Development of a Proposal to the U.S. Department of Education to Create and Participate in a National Center on Academic Literacy Development of English Language Learners
C.7 Report on Board Subcommittees and Staff Advisory Committees

Consent Calendar

D.1 Approval of Recommended Personnel Action Items dated October 26, 2004
D.2 Approval of Purchase Orders Report for the Period October 6, 2004 through October 19, 2004
D.3 Approval of Warrants for the Period October 7, 2004 through October 22, 2004
D.4 Approval of Student Teacher Agreements with Antioch University, Chapman University, and California State University, Northridge
D.6 Approval of Contract Between the Santa Barbara High School District and Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department to Provide Special Event Law Enforcement Services for Fiscal Years 2004-2006
D.7 Approval of Contract with Vicente, Lloyd, Stutzman to Provide Staff Development Workshop and Consultation on Categorical Funding Fiscal and Compliance Issues
D.8 Approval of Family Service Agency Contract for Elementary School-Based Counseling
D.9 Approval of Additional Fundraising Plans for the 2004-05 School Year for Dos Pueblos High School
D.10 Approval of Consultant Contract with Fiscal Crisis Management and Assistance Team for Single District Resolution Study Including Expanded Scope of Service