July 27, 2004 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting Minutes

A.6 Approval of Minutes: Unadopted minutes: July 13, 2004

Action Agenda

B.1 Approval of Lease for 602 E. Montecito Street
B.2 City of Santa Barbara Afterschool Recreation Programs
B.3 Required Public Hearing of California School Employees Association’s Initial Proposal for Negotiations
B.4 Approval of the Interim Superintendent’s Contract

Conference Agenda

C.2 Special Education Advisory Committee Report
C.3 Grand Jury Report Response
C.4 Legal Services Proposal
C.5 Board Meeting Procedures
C.6 Use of School Facilities, Proposal to Increase Civic Center Fees, Administrative Regulation 1330
C.7 Americans with Disabilities Act Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan Final Draft
C.8 Proposal to Reclassify Classified Positions
C.9 Resolution No. 04/05-6, Presentation of Issuance and Sale of the Santa Barbara Elementary School District, Measure I-98 General Obligation Bonds, Series B

Consent Calendar

D.1 Personnel Action Items
D.2 Purchase Orders
D.3 Warrants
D.4 Declaration of Miscellaneous Equipment as Surplus to the Needs of the Districts
D.5 Bond Reporting Software Services Contract Agreement Between Spectrum Management Solutions and the Santa Barbara School Districts
D.6 Agreement for Termination of Employment Contract for Superintendent Deborah Flores
D.7 Acceptance of Completed Contracts
D.9 Disability Access Consultant Services
D.10 Approval of Lindamood-Bell Contract
D.11 Approval of Coastal Housing Partnership Contract
D.12 Student Teacher Agreement with Chapman University
D.13 Property and Liability Claims Management Services Agreement Between Keenan and Associates and the Santa Barbara School Districts
D.14 Approval of Statement of Assurances for State Instructional Materials Funding for the Elementary School District and the High School District
D.15 Approval of Contract for Required Homeless Student Services
D.16 Proposal to Continue Facilitation of the Santa Barbara School Districts’ Real Property Advisory Committee