July 13, 2004 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting Minutes

A.6 Approval of Minutes

Conference Agenda

B.1 District English Learner Advisory Committee Advisory Report
B.2 City of Santa Barbara Afterschool Recreation Programs
B.4 California School Employees Association’s Initial Proposal for Negotiations
B.5 Grand Jury Reports – Draft Response
B.7 District Office Relocation/602 E. Montecito Street Lease
B.8 Legal Services Proposal

Action Agenda

C.1 Health Insurance Recommendation for the 2004-2005 School Year
C.2 Termination of Bond Counsel Retention Contract between Jones Hall and the Santa Barbara High School District
C.3 Bond Counsel Services Agreement Between Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth and the Santa Barbara High School District
C.4 Adoption of Resolution No. 04/05-05, Authorizing the Issuance of Santa Barbara High School District (Santa Barbara County, California) Election of 2000 General Obligation Bonds, Series B
C.5 Approval of Additional District Office Staffing: Coordinator of Research and Evaluation and Confidential Administrative Secretary II
C.7 Board Policy 4112.8 – Employment of Relatives

Consent Calendar

D.1 Personnel Action Items
D.2 Purchase Orders
D.3 Warrants
D.4 Declaration of Miscellaneous Equipment as Surplus to the Needs of the Districts
D.5 Modular Classroom Upgrades at Peabody Charter School
D.6 Proposal for Engineering and Environmental Services, Dos Pueblos High School Habitat Restoration Project
D.7 Award of Contract for Point-of-Sale Computer System
D.8 Approval of Resolution for State Resources for Prekindergarten Child Development Services
D.9 Approval of Family Service Agency Contract
D.10 Approval of Contract with Girls Incorporated of Greater Santa Barbara for Enrichment Component of the After School Opportunities for Kids Program for 2004-2005
D.11 Adoption of Resolution No. 04/05-01, Approval of Contract with the State/Federal Government to Operate a Child Care and Development Fund Child Care Center
D.12 Adoption of Resolution 04/05-02, Approval of Contract with the State to Operate Children’s Centers
D.13 Adoption of Resolution #04/05-03, Approval of Contract with the State to Operate the Extended Day Care (Latchkey) Program
D.14 Adoption of Resolution No. 04/05-04, Approval of Contract with the State to Operate the State Preschool Program
D.15 Accounting Services to Implement Cafeteria Fund (Food Services) Accounting System and Procedures